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participants who agree to trust the process of learning to communicate across differences.  The coalition building/diversity awareness workshop is loosely based on the NCBI model of coalition building for which I am a certified trainer.  I use the skills associated with NCBI combined with what I know about your community to create an experience that fits the needs of that community.  This one- or two-day session will have several goals.

Art Gallery


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Ricky Meredith, age 43, was born in Cleveland, OH and grew up in Bedford, OH.  Ricky was raised by his single mother and is the oldest of three siblings.  As a painter, Ricky loves color transformations and abstraction for its most aesthetic purpose- brush stroke, the act of painting, and "experiencing" color as an emotion.  Each one of Ricky's paintings is like a biography of what we all hope for: redemption, freedom, strength of will.  Ricky's artwork stands for the experiences of a strong-willed man that now has the freedom to express his story through the imagery in his work. 

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