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 looking to express your

creativity look no further than be1self. 


 Project Overview - The workshops we provide specialize in getting those who are usually closed to open up to the possibility of learning from others. This unique model uses the strength of difference to jump start a conversation that has the power to transform lives.
Organizational Background - Be 1 Self, LLC is designed to help students enhance their creative thinking to promote positive social behavior while learning a career trade that will help socially, educationally and emotionally while building a strong bond within the community.
Tasks To Be Accomplished - Students will learn positive social behavior, build confidence, accountability, career training, coping skills and positive emotional expression.

Meet the artist

With a brush in one hand and an unwavering belief in the power of self-expression in the other, Ricky guides budding artists and art enthusiasts through immersive painting workshops. His approach is far from conventional; it's an invigorating blend of technique, individuality, teamwork, and creativity.

Be 1 Self TV is not just about learning how to paint; it's about uncovering the artist within and using paint as a medium to connect with oneself and others. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting, Ricky's workshops provide a canvas for exploration and collaboration.

Get Creative

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